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It's all about Compuwares Uniface - Tutorials, How-To's and a lot of background information about creating web based software with Uniface using its USP and other components. In other words: An archive of explained and well documentated contributions with source codes.

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Latest news and updates
written by -GHAN- | 03.11.2014

Registration and outgoing mail issues

Big shout out to Harjit Batra for reporting the bug to me, so I could track it down- everything should work fine again and this site needs a little "optical update" ...
written by -GHAN- | 19.12.2013

Merry X-MAS 2013 and a happy new year!

you might wonder, if i've been sleeping all the time. But no, there have just been so many things to take care of more ...
written by -GHAN- | 15.11.2012

Still alive!

yes, indeed I am and so are my projects. I guess, I need to let you know. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 29.08.2012

Bug: Password resender now works as it was supposed to!

Thanks to Dirk, the bug has been located and fixed. So finally, he got his new password working :)
written by -GHAN- | 23.04.2012

Fresh released GHANweb Contribution and demo server online!

Today releases the GHANweb public demo offering the new component "GHANweb: modul Uniface entities". In addition a little contribution with the link is ready for you! Sign in and find the link in the contribution.
written by -GHAN- | 20.04.2012

GHANweb Live DEMO almost ready

Sign in and play around with the first real live demo based on GHANweb offering a tiny cross-ref tool. The demo will be available from monday on.
written by -GHAN- | 17.04.2012

Help me- i cant login!

Now... sure, I will help. But whom? Please include your name and Adress, so I can catch you in that case :)
written by -GHAN- | 01.03.2012

Two new Contributions for you in the GHANweb project

Although it didnt seem to be much lately, Ive been pretty busy and will soon get back to you with an kick-ass demo! But first some homework for the interested people :)
written by -GHAN- | 22.02.2012

Update: Converting keywords in Uniface by echwic

The Keyword updater has been updated and is available for download!
written by -GHAN- | 09.02.2012

Ipad, Galaxy Tab and the others - Uniface on mobile devices

Lately Im testing our development on tablets and found it works for 95% of the things we do. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 04.01.2012

Customized WRD error messages

Released yesterday, appended today! See what is possible and what wont do. This contribution needs your help. more
written by -GHAN- | 02.01.2012

Uniface pagination guide is released

containing some usefull background information and sources in order to use pagination within Uniface. Find it here.
written by -GHAN- | 23.12.2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody!

and all the best to your families and friends from the GHAN of ;)
written by -GHAN- | 13.12.2011

Back from vacation

Baaah, the weather is pretty inconvenient here, where I live. I should persuade my boss to move the Uniface web development to a warmer place :D more ...
written by -GHAN- | 19.09.2011

GHANweb v0.2 and Entity Lister 2 released!

So here u got the latest update for GHANweb and a first running demo called Entity Lister 2 in two contributions. Both offer the download of the components and html templates! Be sure to check them out and leave comments/feedback!
written by -GHAN- | 04.08.2011

Some site updates and upcoming stuff

Introducing updated mail messages, contribution groups and a current progress more ...
written by -GHAN- | 25.07.2011

Using a input whitelist for Uniface USP

This contribution faces a common problem while working with inputs from the web. The whitelist is your friend if we come to talk about input scope and safety. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 18.07.2011

GHANWEB component released (Updated)

This component is the foundation of every upcoming server page and tutorial from here. Now, you can download the component! Check it out here
written by -GHAN- | 13.05.2011

Understanding and hacking browser side Uniface RIA

Richard just released a new Contribution on how to digg in on the Uniface RIA JavaScript. Please check it out here
written by -GHAN- | 20.04.2011

Uniface web workshop on 31.05.2011

C-B-G, the german uniface user group, is preparing a workshop to the above topic. If this is of interest to you, then dig in! more ...
written by -GHAN- | 30.03.2011

GHANIFIED! ToolKit V0.32 released

Another update including several fixes and new features. A complete description is availablere here.
written by -GHAN- | 23.03.2011

How to convert on proc code to the newer Uniface 9.3 syntax

Our latest member echwic created a little tool for us, to make life much easier. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 14.03.2011

Uniface 9.x Server pages on IBM Websphere

With a big hand from Guy and Andreas I made my way through this topic. You can check it out here.
written by -GHAN- | 11.03.2011

Ulist2Json updated

M11 took a little tour on the code and extended it. You'll find the easy code here. Thanx Mate!
written by -GHAN- | 07.03.2011

The first 100 !

Today we reached 100 registered users her on! Great guys! more ...
written by -GHAN- | 03.03.2011

The daily fun: Uli Merkel tried to join us :)

How am I supposed to react on that :D ?! more ...
written by -GHAN- | 02.03.2011

John gave us the Ribbon Bar for Uniface

This new massive tutorial has been added to the contributions more ...
written by -GHAN- | 17.12.2010

Using Uniface to do graphic outputs

M11 just released a new contribution on how to do that! He uses Uniface and the HTML5 canvas object. Further a bug has been fixed which prevented mails to be sent out. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 10.11.2010

A whole bunch of updates

GHANIFIED! reaches V0.3 - Several fixes and updates on! more ...
written by -GHAN- | 01.11.2010

Richard shows us how to search!

Richard has just released his first contribution here. Be sure to check it out. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 14.09.2010

New Uniface database driver for MySQL

According to trusted informations, Compuware has shipped a new MySQL database driver which should support Unicode! Finally! Get your hands on that and send me feedback :)
written by -GHAN- | 10.09.2010

Migrating from Uniface 8.4 to Uniface 9.4?

Then go for the Migration notices done by Rafa (Uniface8) more ...
written by -GHAN- | 06.09.2010

New Contributions are online

uniface8 made some SOAP for you while I made a couple of updates. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 08.08.2010

Back from Norway

Amazing landscapes and awesome sights- but now I'm back and we continue the contributions.
written by -GHAN- | 23.07.2010

Uniface web tools - ulist2json has been released

It shows, how easy we can make a JSON string within Uniface and transport it to the server page. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 05.07.2010

Uniface frontend templating part 2 delayed

As I have been pretty busy last week, I need some more time to finish part 2 in the desired quality. Guess it will be launched next week.
written by -GHAN- | 21.06.2010

Several Updates on

Contribution editor now has advanced layout features, you can change your password and login name. Preparing the forum overview to fit with uDEV :)
written by -GHAN- | 18.06.2010

New article on IE6 and a some CSS issues

further there has been added some updates and mail notification on some events. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 01.06.2010

Back from vacation- new stuff in progress

Started digging on some example stuff that might catch your attention. A complete USP example on how to do multiple outputs. This will get split in several parts due to size. Stay tuned
written by -GHAN- | 24.05.2010

Updates in the editor

As requested, the editor now has a preview functionality. The button is placed in the top of the editor page.
written by -GHAN- | 21.05.2010

Support us! Donate some bucks

All the content here is free for those, who sign in. As we spend our time and knowledge, we would like YOU to give us a hand. If you like a contribution or the project itself, then feel free to use the DONATE button!
written by -GHAN- | 19.05.2010

Let there be light!

GHANIFIED! reaches v0.2 and offers now a lightbox for any purpose. The docs have been refreshed and a demo is available.
written by -GHAN- | 18.05.2010

uDEV does UTF-8 now! ☣ 葉 テ

After a horribble evening, some tasty beer and a way to short night, it's a pleasure to mention that we run UTF-8 here. Special Chars should be no problem any longer! If you find bugs, then raise a hand!
written by -GHAN- | 17.05.2010

Update in progress!

If you encounter any strange habits on the content, then the reason could be, that we are moving to UTF-8 with all modules. Drop me a line, if UDEV bails out somewhere ...
written by -GHAN- | 11.05.2010

Google gets hungry!

Just one day after launch of the latest contribution, google came for indexing it. Thats pretty fast! But I still need a bit more Uniface flavour to perform better. Lets see, how good it can be!
written by -GHAN- | 10.05.2010

GHANIFIED examples - advanced searching with autoupdate

This is the latest how-to showing you how to make those fancy auto update search functions with Uniface. more ...
written by -GHAN- | 07.05.2010 is on its way

As an reply on my efforts, is climbing its way up in the search engines. Google places on position 2 while searching for UNIFACE and selecting "sites from germany". Yet this is still the beginning!
written by -GHAN- | 04.05.2010

Updated the Tab widget demos

Now they look like they should have long time before: Everything is testable in those two. Further the mail overview has been refurbished making it easier to scope whats new there!
written by -GHAN- | 29.04.2010

New Contribution released: Handling Inputs from the web

There you go, guys! Here is the next stuff delivering you informations on how to handle web inputs. Take a look at it.
written by -GHAN- | 27.04.2010

Ghanified example available

A first example is now available. Get your hands on and try it out. Still working on the INPUT contribution which is getting pretty big. Further I'm about to implement source code types, so the type of source shown is clear. Please LINK this page! THX
written by -GHAN- | 13.04.2010

Fixed the Editor

The Editor has been fixed as it didn't show the stuff it should show. Thx to M11 for the hint! New contributions are on their way. Next up from my side is how to handle inputs from the web within Uniface.
written by -GHAN- | 09.04.2010

Forum has been connected

Just got the forum connected to the contributions. Now you can add your comments on the stuff. Registered Users only, of course!
written by -GHAN- | 09.04.2010

Updates and Fixes

Changed some contributions and the sorting of those. From now on, the order in the contributions is by "last change". Further I want to send a warm welcome to those who joined in :)
written by -GHAN- | 07.04.2010

Added the Dashboard

To get some dialog within this project, I've made a dashbord and enabled the mail feature. Give it a try!
written by -GHAN- | 06.04.2010

We are PUBLIC!

Managed to do an initial start of the content today. Still got lot of work to do with messaging and forums (scheduled) but for now this is the beginning. THX to the supporters! And NOW come and eat me, Google! :)