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Customized Uniface wrd error screens

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Written by -GHAN- // Tags: middleware error custom 300 uniface wrd

As usual I'm tweaking on my web with Uniface. Today then, I was aasked to put some love to the red error screens which look as old as they certainly already are :D

So i started of with a little CSS and some window layout. And this is what I got out of it:
A custom middleware error
A custom middleware error

Very often the customers send me just a plain screenshot to inform me, that someting went wrong (for them). So we have become sick of a nothing but RED screenshot saying nothing and I created this :D

If somebody is interested in the code, then let me know.

An option not for all!

Unfortunately this only works with the RED screens (which are produced by the WRD). The yellow ones are produced in the usyshttp.dll and obey only a very few options of customization. You can only change the outfit at a very basic level. Further this has to be done within your (wasv.)ASN (assignment file). The Options I got from Chris (thx mate) are as follows:
Logicals in the assignment SOURCE CODE
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These logicals affect only the following html-tags:
- title
- h2
- body
- body bgcolor=
- body background=

If you would like to change that, you need to tell Compuware about it! I will place a wish in the forum. If you like this change to happen, the please support the wish!


on 2012-01-06 09:02:52 -GHAN- wrote:

... what indeed is, what I did :) Thanks Richard

on 2012-01-06 00:06:59 RichardGill wrote:

You can also customize specific error pages using the tomcat related error pages (used for some errors and authentification failures) : WEB-INF/error_en/ (and localized directories too). Good to know trick for the yellow pages indeed!

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