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Available from : v0.2
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What is a "BusyBox"!? The BusyBox indicates the HTML page to be working, retrieving or submitting data. And thats pretty easy. It helps the user to understand, that the system is active and makes him willing to wait for some seconds. A visual feedback, often done by an animated gif file.

The BusyBox object is your friend here. Just place your ID somewhere in the code and tell that the BusyBox, which ID is to use.


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Another nice thing to know about the BusyBox is, that it is controlled by the GHAJAX object. If there is an BusyBox object in the DOM, then GHAJAX will call start and stop automatically.

On, the BusyBox is activated.

How to visualize activity

As mentioned above, the most common way to visualize activity is a animated graphic. Try to google for some GIF files having an animation.

An animated Gif
An animated Gif
Let's say, we want to have an image like this on the left. Then we could just embed that like the following

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The trick is to set the ID "messagebox" to visiual hidden in the start. The BusyBox object will change that on demand making the image show up and dissappear.

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