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GHANweb: a default uniface server page

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Written by -GHAN- // Tags: ghanweb uniface server page default templates detail ajax exec

GHANweb is pretty easy to use, when we first are into the stuff. This contribution will show a typical setup of the Uniface (static) server page.

Exec Trigger

The exec trigger holds the overview of the item we want to work with. Usually we can search in here.

Operation detail

The detail is used to show and create an item. Calling the operation without the keys will open up to create an occurrence.

Operation ajax

This is the ajax interface to the component. Everything we need asside from the detail can be loaded asynchronus and so we stuff that into the ajax operation.


The amount of templates may vary due to the stuff you want to show. The files remain in the component folder (in the template base directory: /template_base_dir/$componentname/file.htm). But in the above setup we will need the following files:

This is the main web form for the overview page (EXEC).

For each row this template will be used. Consider it to be a table row element.

detail.htm and detail_readonly.htm
As we need to show the details of the item, we hold the layout for that in the detail.htm. The field are editable. For the idea of having a read-only state for the item another template is needed. I use to mark them as "_readonly.htm" so it is easy to figure while looking into the directory.


With these ingredients we have all, what we need to produce a server page with an overview mode, a detail form and an ajax connector. I guess this is easy to understand as the content is not that enormous :) However, if something seems unclear, then just contact me and I will help out.

I've placed a template for this here, so you dont need to type all the crap down yourself. It offers an overview, a detail and a ajax connector. It should compile and only needs some templates and a purpose :D
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