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Giving JavaScript some GOLD!

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Written by -GHAN- // Tags: uniface gold javascript

Lately, I came up with the idea to let the messages bubble up into the HTML interface, as I have no chance to filter all those messages coming from the components here and there. But this wasn't that user-friendly because Uniface uses the GOLD separator while holding data in lists. Once again, time to put some hands on that and let JavaScript do the job for me.

What is GOLD anyway?!

Gold is nothing special. Compuware decided to use a hex 1B as the normal gold separator. While using lists in list, the page turns a bit and adds a bunch of hex 15. Having that in mind let's us easy get in control and turn nearby any message to a readable text.

Converting Gold to a LineFeed

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What I do here is just cutting those GOLDs away from the content of _var. But there are more characters lurking to be taken care of.

Let me give you a cleaning function for those situations
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I leave it up to you to reverse this and add some GOLD to the data you send back to Uniface. Just image how easy it could be to just get a Uniface list as a param from the web.

Let me know, if it worked for you!


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