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Migrating Uniface from U8.4 to U9.4

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Written by uniface8 // Tags: uniface migration version

1. Instalation/creation of the repository database

First we have to install and create the repository database.

2. Creation of repository tables

Then we launch the scripts to create the repository tables. These scripts are contened into uniface installation CD. We have to launch the properly scripts depending of our database (DB2, oracle, mysql,…) so be careful.

3. Make the export

We export the entire repository into xml or trx files. If the file it is long, it is better to make the export into 3 or more files(components, libraries and templates). The time to do this it is about 10 minutes.

4. Import

Import the files generated in the previous step.
menu utilities-->import

*You must install U9.4 and all the patches obviously before this- it’s easy.
Time to import a normal repository is about 25 minutes.

5. Migration

When it has finished, a merge window appears to migrate the repository.
select the options that you need.
- If we said NO, we can do this later.
- If we divide repository in various files, it’s better to import all these files, and finally migrate all repository, not to import one file and migrate, import the second part and migrate...

When the migration was finished, just look the log file to see the errors or problems.
The average time to finished the migration part it is 1,5 hours.

6. Components compilation

Then we compile the components.
Uniface Compilation options SOURCE CODE
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The average time to do this compilation it is about 30 minutes.

7. Compilation of uobj.dol and udesc.urr

We have to compile uobj.dol and udesc.urr objects.
Option /dol and /urr
The migration has finished.
See log file to resolve the problems.
The average time to complete the migration it is 2,5 – 3 hours (without installations )

8. Connection to database

We have to create ODBCs to connect with the database.

9. Files modification

Asn file

Modify asn file as you need.

Take care with the drivers you need and some parameters that could be change.

For example to DB2:

U8.4 U9.4
Driver U2.3 U3.1
Parameters NLH500 step size: 500,nullDefault:N,default locking:optimistic

Change the paths to the properly files, better if we follow standard.

In e.g.:
../frm846 --> ../frm941

10. Code modification

Sometimes you have to change some lines of code. If you make various migrations of the same repository, change the code in old repository (in 8.4 version), so you make the changes one time not all times you migrate these repository.

Take care with:

-New structure of directories in installation path of uniface.
-Instructions format:
In e.g.:
Field_syntax to fieldsyntax
It’s not an error but it’s a warning, change it when you can.

-Changes run instruction to activate instruction.
-Performs/spawn instruction centralize into uniface service or change to call to signatures.
-Functions without all parameters.
-HEX(A0) character.
-Problems with textarea in USP.
-Instruction close without path.
-Instruction sendmessage change to an operation.
-Illegal combination of id/occ and /id/field/local in putlistitem and getlistitem instructions.
-Instruction read order by follow with “field.entity”
-Forms with a number in the name at the beginning.
-Two “if” in the same line.
-Single quotes to indicate a null value (change ‘’to “”)


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